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MARLEINE has dedicated her life to making government work for people and she has a proven track record in the community.


Over the past 39 years, Marleine has supported many campaigns & policies that positively impact our lives. She has fought tirelessly for affordable housing, good jobs, pay equity, safe neighborhoods, and protection from extreme weather and climate gentrification.  


Marleine believes that it is vital that our elected leaders approach all of these issues with the interest of the residents in mind and not any single interest group. As your Commissioner, she will ensure that residents are prioritized in all decisions made at the County level.



Housing We Can Afford

Skyrocketing rent and home prices are forcing residents out of their communities. To make matters worse, the cost of living continues to rise much faster than wages.  Our best and brightest are forced to move away because they can’t afford to live where they grew up. Every resident deserves to have safe, storm resistent, affordable housing.  When families have secure housing, communities and cities thrive socially and economically.  As your Commissioner, Marleine will work hard to find solutions to make Miami-Dade County affordable and accessible to all.


Economic Development & Good Jobs

District 2 needs more economic opportunities for its residents. Too many residents return from college and are unable to find work here after graduation. Some are under-employed. Others need access to capital to start or expand their businesses. As your Commissioner, Marleine will develop partnerships to create opportunities for you. 



As your commissioner, Marleine will lead with transparency. A glass is transparent, but is your government? Are you easily able to communicate with your Commissioners, and do they give you the correct answers? As your Commissioner, Marleine will ensure that information about the district and the decisions before the Commission are accessible for all to see.



Miami-Dade County continues to rapidly expand and grow. Our ability to manage that growth, maintain infrastructure/transportation, and effectively deal with traffic is essential to the health of the County. As a policymaker, Marleine will focus on measures that save time and money, increase our safety, and improve our quality of life.


Climate Change/ Rising Seas

Sea levels are rising at the rate of an inch a year. As your Commissioner, Marleine will work collaboratively with local leaders, state leaders, and the private sector to implement real solutions to address the climate crisis in our region. Drawing on her years of advocacy, she will bring local officials, community groups, and impacted communities together to develop the economic, social, environmental, and technological resilience we need to thrive.


Safety/Gun Violence:

Our community lives  in fear of losing a loved  one every day. Institutions and businesses are not safe. Racism and anti-semitism are on the rise. Marleine will work collaboratively to get guns off the street and to develop new approaches to make our streets and neighborhoods safe. Marleine understands that it is not enough to propose smart policies. It is also important to build and sustain political power.  It is vital to organize our communities to ensure that our health and prosperity are the first priorities.


Pay Equity

As your Commissioner, Marleine will support the Miami Dade Pay Plan 2020. She is committed to protecting workers by promoting inclusion, equity, and respect. Marleine believes that professionals, including nurses and teachers, deserve better, competitive salaries. Women need to be at the table where decisions are made. They deserve equal pay for equal work.


Marleine has been a long-term champion of the fight for $15 and continues to fight for a living wage for all.

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