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About  Marleine  Bastien

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Breaking the
Glass Cieling

A leader with a passion to serve and the courage to act!

Marleine Bastien has passionately embraced her purpose to serve others from an early age. At eight years old, she began tutoring literacy to other children and adults in her home village of Pont-Benot, Haiti.

Now she is your candidate for the Miami Dade County Commission, District 2, to create policies that strengthen our women, children, families, and businesses to combat local challenges in healthcare, affordable housing, education, gun violence, and job growth.



     Marleine graduated with her Master’s Degree in Social Work from FIU in 1987, and began working at Jackson Memorial Hospital as a medical social worker; fighting for greater awareness and support to children and families battling HIV/AIDS and sickle cell anemia. In 1994, Marleine received the Miami Dade County Volunteer of the Year Award, followed by the Miami Dade County Social Worker of the Year Award in 2000 for her services. For over 40 years, she has established a global reputation of tireless advocacy for equity/social justice, economic empowerment, comprehensive immigration reform/fairness, and climate justice. She has championed issues for women, children, families, workers, the elderly, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Her expertise on social justice issues has led her to guest appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, testifying before Congress, The Organization of American States (OAS), The U.N. Human Rights Forum in Geneva, and The Global Immigration Forum. As one of 5 rapporteurs chosen to represent the Americas, she presented a report on migration to the United Nations at The World Forum.


       Since 1991 Marleine’s impact toward community empowerment has been felt throughout Miami Dade County, South Florida, and globally as the Family Action Network Movement (FANM) founder. Under her leadership, FANM has grown into a globally recognized model for providing life-enhancing services to low and moderate-income families in healthcare, housing, literacy, technical training, after-school and summer programs, immigration reform, business enhancement, and job creation and career development.


         Over the years, Marleine has also led many efforts to address the needs of our communities. Upon the request of her dear friend David Lawrence, she served as Treasurer for the campaign to establish the Children’s Trust, alongside the late Congresswoman Carrie Meek on the Children’s Trust Community Outreach Committee. Marleine has worked on most of these campaigns to improve the community’s quality of life in Miami Dade County and South Florida. These programs include the small class size campaign led by Congressman Kendrick Meek, the fight for $15, the UTD to increase teachers’ salaries, the human rights ordinance, fair immigration policies, housing affordability, and much more. She has also served as either founding or board member of many organizations, such as the Miami Climate Alliance, North Miami Education Board, Health Foundation of South Florida, Catalyst Miami, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Haitian American Grassroots Coalition, Center for Haitian Studies, and Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, Kristi’s House, GAP (Girl Advocacy Power), Women We Will Rebuild, Miami Workers Center, and the American for Immigrants Justice, among others. 



       Through her work for the people, Marleine Bastien has been recognized with dozens of honorable awards as well as Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Corrine Brown (2008), Frederica Wilson (2012), and Senator Bill Nelson (2005). She has also been recognized as “One of The 35 Most Remarkable Women in the World'' by Essence Magazine. She was Ms. Foundation’s “Woman of the Year, “a City of North Miami Hall of FAME Inductee, and in 2015, she received the Life Achievement Award from the ACLU. 


            Her record of providing critical resources and information over the decades has proven that she’s the best choice to ensure that families have the housing, jobs, pay equity, and safe neighborhoods to thrive. As our next Miami Dade County Commissioner, Marleine will continue to dedicate herself to fairness and socio-economic justice for the greater common good. Join her in building a stronger and inclusive Miami Dade County together and for our future!

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